You won’t struggle to find the Physio-Vet hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centre as we are located just 6 minutes from Junction 16 of the M6. We have a lovely countryside practice that is easily found.


From M6 North/South

  • Exit at Junction 16 and follow signs for Crewe and Nantwich A500. Proceed for about 1 mile to roundabout. Take 3rd exit signposted A5020 Crewe.
  • Proceed for 0.8 of a mile and enter a second roundabout. Take second exit signposted Alsager. Turn immediately left onto Old Park Road. The entrance to Crewe Hall Farm is 200 metres on the right. The Smithy is the building facing. Please drive round to the car park at the front of the building.


From Nantwich

  • Follow A500 signposted M6. At third roundabout take first exit signposted A5020 Crewe. Follow directions above.


From Crewe

  • Leave Crewe town centre on the A5020 signposted M6. Pass the entrance to Crewe Hall on the left and proceed to roundabout. Take first exit signposted Alsager and follow directions above.

01270 586008

01270 254009

Physio-vet, The Smithy, Crewe Hall Farm, Old Park Road, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 5UE

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