Canine HydrotherapyDog Hydrotherapy is often a favourite for pet owners who decide to watch over treatments. The sight of seeing their dog walking on either the treadmill or underwater treadmill always rises a smile. At the same time it is one of the best treatments for post-operative pain and swelling. Regular exercise on an underwater treadmill can help a dog to regain the use of his hind legs.

What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

Dog Hydrotherapy is the technique of using luke-warm water to take pressure off muscles to allow exercise without strain. We use an underwater treadmill inside what looks like a giant fish tank. The level of the water is set on a per dog basis at elbow or shoulder height. The treadmill then begins and the dog is exercised. We use the same tank for swimming exercises. In both cases it relaxes muscles, and increases circulation.

Our dog hydrotherapy is mostly used in conjunction with other treatments as a part of general fitness conditioning, injury rehabilitation and dog care. Hydrotherapy relieves the pressure put on muscles and joints, allowing your pet to exercise without further strain. This is really important because if the bones and joints are not given the proper care it will lead to deterioration. Your pet will then need further extensive rehabilitation.

Dog Hydrotherapy benefits:

There are huge benefits to using dog hydrotherapy. Dog hydrotherapy exercise improves circulation to joints, muscle gain, strength and an improvement in motion. Dogs who are able to use the treadmill after an injury or surgery recover more quickly with this treatment. Often older dogs who have lots ranges of motion improve dramatically and become happier pets. This type of treatment can mean the difference between your dog being able to walk or not. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Pain.
  • Faster healing of injuries.
  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Increased muscle strength.
  • Improved Circulation.
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion.
  • Reduced muscle tightness and spasms.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress.
  • Weight Loss – important for over-weight dogs.
  • Regain or retain function and mobility.

DOG Hydrotherapy Sessions

The time that we take per hydrotherapy session is based on the requirements of the animal. Overweight or injured pets may require special attention or shorter sessions as they will tire more quickly. These then become longer as they become fitter and healthier.

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