EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation.)

EMS is very similar to a human TENS machine, where a small electrical current is passed into the body. The difference between the two machines is that TENS stimulates nerves to give pain relief and EMS stimulates muscles to create a contraction.

Special pads are stuck to the skin at either end of a muscle, the current is then passed and the muscle contracts. This is the technology used in Slendertone machines. This is a useful way of stopping muscle wasting and can be used even before the animal is able to stand. It is also useful for building muscle when the animal cannot use the muscles themselves particularly after a neurological damage and they cannot get around very well.

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Drug Sensitivity in Collies and their Crosses

A certain sub-population of collies is more susceptible to certain wormers and other drugs than non-affected collies. This article attempts to explain why this is, which drugs to avoid or use with caution and how to get your dog checked for the drug sensitivity. Ivermectin In the 1980s a new wormer for cattle was launched […]

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Supraspinatus tendinopathy

This is condition that I am seeing more and more in agility dogs. The cause is thought to be repeated contact dismounts and landing from jumps. The clinical signs are a vague front leg lameness that may be mild or moderate and is often intermittent. Response to rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) is poor. […]

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Luxating Patella (Slipping Kneecap)

In this article our vet David explains all about Luxating Patellas. Anatomy The kneecap (patella) is located in the tendon of insertion of the quadriceps muscle group. The quadriceps tendon inserts at the top of the shinbone (tibia) on a bony prominence called the tibial tuberosity. The patella runs in a groove (trochlear groove) on […]

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