Fitness and Conditioning Programmes coming soon in 2013….

At Physio-vet we want to promote fitness and conditioning programmes for working dogs. Including agility, obedience, working trails and show dogs!

Most recently we have been looking at using heart rate monitors to help determine fitness and how to adapt your dogs current training and exercise regimes to promote optimum fitness.

Fitness programs wil involve several elements – the main element is the use of the underwater treadmill. This exercise is low impact and great for improving cardiovascular fitness as well as building muscle strength. Keeping your canine athlete fit and healthy will prevent them having common injuries.

At Physio-Vet we will also have a number of exercises for improving balance, strength and flexibility we can give you as part of your fitness programme.

These include range of motion and building muscle mass, developing balance and co-ordination for the hind limbs using include the use of cavaletti poles and theraballs.

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