David is one of the world leaders in canine osteoarthritis, alongside his business partner Professor Stuart Carmichael he has launched a multi-modal arthritis management programme for managing and improving arthritis patients.

We use this highly successful programme with the 50-70 arthritis patients we see at the clinic each week, and it looks at improving the dogs condition by creating a unique and personal plan incorporating:

  • Pain Management – pain relief and supplements
  • Dietary Advice – Body Condition Score and ideal nutrition
  • Help Sheets for the owner
  • Joint Improvement – with Physio, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, massage, EMS, PEMFT and more.
  • Exercise Guidelines – including walks and specific exercises.

If you are a veterinary surgeon please visit the AIMOA website to find out about this revolutionary arthritis management system and how it can help your practice and your patients.

If you are an owner who suspect or knows their dog is suffering from arthritis then please contact us



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