Ultrasound at Physio-Vet

water ultrasoundThis is the same machine as human physiotherapists use. Ultrasound uses sound waves to vibrate soft tissue and promote healing. The machine can be used in continuous or pulsed mode. Continuous mode is used to warm the target tissue that will then promote heating. Even very deep muscles can be warmed. In pulsed mode the sound waves are switched on and off. This pulsing is useful for breaking down adhesions in tissues and particularly tendons.

Ultrasound is used to stimulate collagen which is a building block for healing tissue. Soft tissues with a high collagen content will absorb the most ultrasound waves making it very useful for tendons, ligaments, fascia, joint capsules and scar tissue.

Ultrasound will also stimulate circulation by increasing the blood supply to the injured area, helping to maximize the healing process.

Ultrasound does not travel through air and to allow the ultrasound waves to enter the body we must use a coupling agent. This can be a gel or water. We have to be careful not to create air bubbles between the coat and skin of the animal when using the ultrasound.

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