Price List

Price List

Price List As Of 18th May 2022. All Prices Include VAT At Standard Rate

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Initial Veterinary Examination up to 1 hour£140
Follow-up consultations 30 minutes£70
Acupuncture session 30 minutesLaser, PEMFT, shockwave treatments etc. are charged in addition.
Hydrotherapy, if required, is included in the above consultations.
Hydrotherapy – initial take on session£70
Hydrotherapy follow on sessions£50
CT scans
The cost of CT scans depends on the area being scanned and weight.
If you are unsure please ask for a quote.
CT scans of head, neck, spine, chest, abdomen and shoulders will require a first scan, injection of contrast and a second scan.
Contrast £5.38/kg
First Scan:
Cats and dogs under 10 kg£750
Dog 11-20kg£765
Dog 21-40kg£785
Dog over 40kg£795
CT scan following contrast£450
Cats and dogs under 10 kg£110
Dog 11-20kg£120
Dog 21-30kg£130
Dog 31-40kg£140
Dog over 40kg£150
General Anaesthetic
Cats and dogs under 10 kg£120
Dogs 11-20kg£130
Dogs 21-30kg£145
Dogs 31-40kg£155
Dogs over 40kg£165
Interpretation of images by Vet-CT imaging specialist at cost and charges are as follows:
Body areas as defined by Vet-CT:
Head (one area)
Thorax (one area)
Abdomen (one area)
Spine C1-T2 or soft tissues of neck (one area)
Spine T3-tail (one area)
One joint, left and right (one area)
Two Joints or entire limb, left and right sides (two areas)
First area£150
Second and subsequent areas£72
Normal reporting time is 4 days. If a report is needed sooner, the following charges apply:
Enhanced 1-2 days£30
Priority within 24 hours£66
Urgent 4 hours£126
Cruciate Repair
Cruciate repair (TPLO) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge, medication for 2 weeks.
12 week post op. X-rays (if required) are not included.
Dogs under 20kg£3000
Dogs 21-30kg£3250
Dogs 31-40kg£3500
Dogs over 40kg£3750
Patella Luxation
Patella luxation correction (TTT) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge medication for 2 weeks.
Please note patella luxation in large and certain other breeds requires more involved surgery.
This will be discusses at your consultation and a quote given.
Dogs under 10kg£1950
Dogs 11-20kg£2025
Dogs 21-30kg£2075
Dogs 31-40kg£2125
Dogs over 40kg£2275
Regenerative Medicine and Intra-articular Injections
Stem cell therapy (plus GA fee)£2650
Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP (plus Sedation)£650
Hydrogel per joint (plus Sedation)£550

Happy Owners and Happy Pets

Physio vet were brilliant in the treatment of my old lady Tabitha, some 6 years ago. The treatment for her arthritis gave her visible relief. She was chilled and relaxed and clearly enjoyed thr administration of the treatment. Alas, she went downhill suddenly due to her age. We lost her at 19 and 5 months. I would have no hesitation in visiting with my current cats if and when the need is. Deb Godfrey Facebook
The best place for a diagnostic and treatment! Very nice people. Tell you accurately what is wrong with your pet even before you take it through the CT! Very knowledgeable, straight to the point, they have definitely earned my respect and if I have to, I will be going back! Anna Patus-Sykes Google
Met Dave yesterday as my dog had an allergic reaction, he knew what to do immediately and taught me what to do next time, really lovely and professional man and a lovely wife thanks again. Rebecca Wragg Facebook
Absolutely amazing. Buddy has been attending weekly for around 2 months and I’ve already seen a huge improvement In his hips! He gets so excited there as everyone is so lovely. The team are fabulous. Jessica Waltham Facebook
David is probably the best canine physiotherapist in Europe. Gemma Del Pueyo Director of Teaching Veterinary Physiotherapy, University of Madrid, Spain.
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service we received on Saturday when you gave Dotti an ‘Agility MOT’ and helped us with the problems she was having. I am pleased to report that she was more relaxed on Saturday evening than she had been for a while. HR. Shropshire Facebook
Great aspirational staff who want to get your dog back to a good quality of life. Kirstie Ashworth Facebook
Their absolute professionalism, coupled with an amazing caring ethos. Steve Darling Facebook

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